Thursday, June 11, 2015

Life-Is-Too-Fast Update

Hi to anyone who reads these posts--I know it's been a month and three days since I last posted something substantial. (I'm sure you were all counting, right?) Anyway, I just want to say quick that if you are one of the people who clicks on this link and delves into my "life" via poetry and writing and rambling, then thank you so much. You actually have no idea how much it means that I have people reading this at all.

I apologize for the month long delay on posting anything, with Tulip Festival and graduation, and trying to wrap my mind around the idea of high school being done, it's been impossible for me to come up with anything worth sharing.


I'm really hoping to start working on more poetry, considering I just had my first poetry class at the Old Factory tonight, which has made me so excited to get back into it again head on. I thought I'd share a piece I wrote on one of the first days after graduation. It's a piece I fell into, and I figured this would be a good start of summer poetry.

Again, if you're reading this, (from the bottom of my melodramatic but sincere heart) thank you.


It is impossible for me
to explain to you the
severity of this life--
today the world smiles, sunlight
leaks through unswung swings
and if you listen closely, you can
hear the quiet breath of summer: a splash
of water or a turning page.

I don't know what this all means;
whether the earth was meant
to speak to us or if we're listening
to muted matter. Either way, it's

there. Maybe our hearts are
meant to break daily, to feel
the severity, to touch the
dewed-covered grass--to understand
not only summer's breaths,
but our own.

Perhaps, though, that
the explanation is just
in the listening itself.

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