Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Aurora Borealis

It is currently 2am, and I can't help but write down what I saw in the sky not even an hour or so ago.

Tonight, I looked up and saw the sky move in ways I didn't think it could. Earlier today on Facebook I saw someone post something about how us Iowans were going to get the chance to see the Northern Lights. Honestly, I didn't take it very seriously, but a few friends of mine and I decided it was worth the chance of exploring anyway.

We drove out into the middle of some random country road and walked away from the car for about half a mile or so, and reached the top of a hill. In front of us waves of light played together, and every now and then, you could catch a glimpse of green or red.

It was amazing. So naturally, I needed to write about it. I hope you all got the chance to see it. If not, look outside right now anyway--I'm willing to bet it's just as beautiful.

aurora borealis

tonight I found home in the
cup of the big dipper--
propped two feet up and
watched the lights dance,
like a couple learning the
curve of their fingertips
for the first time-
stories flashed quietly
and ferociously as stars
made their way
into the palms of a child, carefully
placing a wish, pressing their
lips to it,
and throwing it back up
for someone else to catch

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