Friday, July 31, 2015

Almost a Big Kid

As I'm nearing closer to my move-in date to Iowa City, (August 19th, if anyone is interested) I've come to the realization that this summer has gone by insanely fast. As if this isn't the case every year, anyway, but here we are--two, going on almost three months after graduation and it still feels like the world has set us in place right here, like our lives will just stop and wait for us to catch up to what it's supposed to feel like when you're an "adult."

(I haven't figured that out yet. I did, however, drink an iced coffee today. Which is as close as I've ever come.)

Right now, college is surreal. It's this giant romantic place where I'll get all of this freedom, and I'll meet the best people ever, and I'll pull all-nighters and hope to God I can keep up with all of my homework. It's terrifying to imagine my life not waking up to my dog whimpering at the bottom of my bed, or hearing my nieces or nephew walk into my house with dirty feet because they walked the treacherous three blocks. But at this point, I am pretty ready for a new world to experience.

I have officially scheduled out my first semester (I just so happened to procrastinate my math and science classes), started to buy all the necessities of a dorm room, and been offered a job at the dining center. In a short three weeks, I am going to officially be on my own, and wow, I cannot wait.

Also, on another note, I'm weirdly excited to change where I live on Facebook.

The next time I post will most likely be from the bed of my dorm. How insane is that?

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